after exam post

yeah, i know, i know. exams are way over and everybody's longing to get back home. gosh. one whole yr of uni has finished n next yr, i'm gonna b a 3rd yr student already! how time flies! i'm growing olddddd in just a blink of an eye. huu~ n speaking of dat, i'l be adding a digit to my age in less than a month! T_T well, take it from the bright side, i'm a grown up now n i'l be finishing my degree soon enuf! no more studying n stressing out due to assignments, tests, projects n of course, exams! *sigh* i hoped dat everyone did pretty well in the past exam. which actually turned out to be not so pretty for me. thermodynamics was totally hard n i dont even have the slightest clue in answering the last 2 questions which contributes a total mark of 70. blergh! thermo sux! i hope dat i wont have to retake the whole subject again nxt yr or otherwise i'm a dead meat! sob3. T_T

anyway, its now thursday n in just another 3 more days i'm on my way bak. ngee~ =D =D =D *cant wait! cant wait!* i've been a bit of a homesick-er for d past few days n i'm tryin really hard to just get over those sad-pathetic-hideous feelings. neva mind that. now that izzati's done wif her exams, we'll b having some fun shopping around tomorrow n the day after! n the next day, i'l b leaving for m'sia already! =D so, there'l b no more time to be depressing thinking about home all d time. =P

btw, i wont b spending much time at home for d 1st month i get bak coz i need to be in kemaman to do my industrial training over there for quite a while. i just hope that evrythin will turn out good n the training will b fun n enjoyable (am i askin' too much 'ere?). haha. =P n yeah, especially to afiq buccukkk, please be ready utk kene paksa membelanje when i'm there! hee. n dun forget a big n splendid bufday partaaayy for me okie! =D wow, this is sure gonna b freakin' great! hehe. =P to my besties, plzzz come to kemaman when i'm there. we can go n hav fun in cherating or pulau kapas or pantai ...(i forgot d name of d beach already...) or bdr kuantan or anywhere laaa. just come n we'l figure somethin' out! =D

gosh, this is makin' me outrageously impatient to get bak to msia! i soooooo have plenty of plans to do! yeay! this summer break is gonna b pretty awesome!

*i really wish it will!*


n.a.z.i.r.a said...

Yana, jangan baliiiiiiiiiiik!! plis:(

gile jeles!!

n jgn shopping jugak. dah la aku ade exam esok and lusa, kau boleh pulak nak gi shopping masa tu!

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