hey, its the 3rd week of uni already!

hello. =)

its been a while aite? sorry for those who i have been a bit of a loss contact to during the past 2 weeks or so. have been really busy packing and unpacking my stuffs moving into a new house. not only that, the whole last week, i went to help my landlord renovating the house. and that includes bits of cleaning, painting doors and windows, hammering, screwing this and that and lots more. it was seriously tiring yet a lot of fun indeed! our landlord is like SUPER cool. i've neva eva met or known a landlord as cool as him. well, u might say that i'm exaggerating (which i always do lately *sigh*), but seriously, u gotta meet him and then u'll know what i mean. hee. anyway, here goes a BIG thank you to mr poor struggling landlord! <-- his fave slogan. haha.
poor la sangat. aih. =p
nway, got loads of piccas to upload. the ones taken during the renovations and moving out and in. will update soon okay! rite now, my house havent yet got a phone line. apa lagi internet connection kan? huhu.
p/s- i'm in CATS, blogging again. ketuk kang. tutes x siap lagik neh. haih. nway, i hate tuesdays. coz class finishes at 6pm and i've a total of 5 hours gap in the middle. dang!


n.a.z.i.r.a said...

yana obses dgn landlord sendiri.haha

Alia yg duduk Mile End said...

korang dah pindah ke?
ke manekah?
tak dapat jumpe lagi tunggu bas la lepas nih. hihihi.
neways, saye dgr perkataan "housewarming".


tk cr korang!

Alia. :D

kak ruzilah said...

sy tgk awk ni mule2 mcm rajin..
rupenye pndi curi tulang ek..
jangan malas2 tau..

liyana jaafar said...

eh kak ruzilah, camne akak leh jumpe bloggie sy nih? wakakaka. =p (iye la tuh!)