melbourne again ;)

bbrrr brrr brrr..

okay, its freeeezing cold here.
padahal baru nak start autumn. aiyohh

anyway, its been some time since i last updated my blog. i know. there are times when i just wanted to write everyday, and there are times when i dont even bother at all.

well, its mid semester break right now. 2 weeks! yay!
now, down to one more week. but heck, not pretty much of a holiday for me for this 2nd week of break. i have a MAJOR report due this upcoming monday. (i stress the word major here because this report will determine what my grade for that particular subject will be. scaryyy! T_T)

i should have been able to finish up the report in 2 weeks time, but thing is, i spent the whole last week having fun in Melbourne.

yeee. tawu sangatt. asal Easter break je, gi melben. asal gi melben je, time Easter break.

but this time, it's not the usual tahan-nafsu-makan-kita-makan-maggi-je-guna-duit-pergi-jalan-jalan-beli-souvenirs-dan-shopping-itu-ini kind of traveling.

it was a 'Food-Hunting' activity. =)

meaning, spending money on mainly, FOODS!
yes, food shopping! hehe.
me and afiq flew all the way from Adelaide just for the sake of wanting to try foods at different places in Melbourne. we departed last Sunday and stayed at Dorot and Aca's place for 5 days. thankyuuu gals for the hospitality and touring us around! =D

and i must say, the 5 days were superbbbb!

but when i think about how much i spent my money, urmmmm.... o m g. *cries*

whatever, it was worth the money anyway. =)

here, i share with you the places i went to just in case anyone of you would love to go food-hunting in Melbourne as well. hee. =D

1. Madam Kay's Plats, Lonsdale St

me and afiq both had nasi lemak sambal udang petai with teh tarik. the sambal was just the way i like it; hot and spicy!

2. Old Town Kopitiam Mamak

they have many kinds of traditional foods here such as curry laksa, nasi kandar, roti canai, roti bakar etc etc. pretty much like the usual mamak restaurants you find in Malaysia but a bit more classy i suppose. i tasted Nasi Kandar with kurma ayam n terung belacan, curry laksa and fried carrot cake. oh not to forget, the three layer tea!

3. Blok M

Blok M is an Indonesian restaurant located at one those streets in Melbourne city. the price is very reasonable and the foods are delicious. i had Lele Bakar (ikan keli bakar) and Es Alpukat (avocado juice). nyummmyyy!

4. Sofia's Restaurant

Sofia serves mostly pasta and pizza if i'm not mistaken. there were 5 of us that night; me, afiq, dorot, aca and azreen. we ordered Pasta Mista (fettuccine, spaghetti and spirals) and Calamari tempura. it was realllllyyyy goooooooddd! even the service was super fast! we waited for no more than 30 mins for our food to be served. 5 stars!

5. Alamaro Restaurant

this was my personal fave of all. hehe. Alamaro is the place where you can get halal italian cuisine in Melbourne. i had Peppercorn Steak with salad that night. if you ever go to this restaurant, make sure u order a meal. otherwise they may charge $10 for each chair used that doesnt order!

6. Es Teller

this is also and Indonesian restaurant. i've been here before in 2007 and my all time fave was their Nasi Uduk. =)

7. Starbucks

lol. but to be honest, there are no longer any Starbucks cafe around Adelaide. in 2008, they've closed down all Starbucks in SA. too bad. had to travel all the way to Melbourne just for the sake of my green tea frap!

8. Doughnuts @ Victoria Market


9. The Cupcake Family

While wandering around QV, i passed by this shop. and it was irresistibly cuteeeee! the cupcakes i mean. i just couldnt say NO to them. bought 4 mini cuppies. heee. =)

10. Fish & Chips @ Mount Dandenong

well, everyone woke up pretty late that day. so we headed to Mt Dandenong without having anything to eat. while driving up the hill, we passed this cafe and had fish and chips! a huge serve okayy! as all stomachs were empty, i would say that was the best fish and chips i had for quite a while. =p

phew, thats pretty much all i guess.

ops, i forgot one more! i had this thing called Borek at Victoria Market. its like bread with filling inside. and it tasted soooooo goood! unfortunately, didnt take any photo of it. =(

overall, had loadsss of fun in Melbourne. and i would love to go again! heeee.

sesape nak pegi, sila ajak ok!

ok, now back with my report write up. byeee

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NLS said...

liyana jaafar!!!
i am sooooooo gonna kill u if u come here again next time. grrrrrr