true or dare?

7th April 2007
a date to be remembered as one of the best days i had in Adelaide.

well,the date started with a phone call from i cudn't remember.was it syah or husen? well, either one.
"hey,korang nk pegi x bbq tu?"

" laa.."


"eyh, korang taw x ade sale gle best kat harris scarfe?aku beli jeans 17 dolar je!!"

"ha? serius??"

right after that, we all hurried to change our clothes & went to harris scarfe. yeah,there was sale & discounts, but we're just not into the things there. so, we decided to just jalan2 along rundle mall then.
one shop after another.
jay jays
valley girl
deborah k

& at last

this was afiqah waiting me & izzati paying for our jeans & btw, she's actually
holding our shopping bags!! haha. okay not all were ours =P

okay, enough of shopping [which i cudn't have enough!!].

as it was saturday, our routine was to go to central market to buy groceries & kitchen stuffs. out of 8 ppl, only 6 went as izy & izzati were 'terbongkang'.
just wanting to mention, nik took the responsibility to bawak troli pasar. take a look at the photo of nik's first time men'drive' troli itu. =P
nik & troli

that night, we invited the room 131 ppl to join us for dinner. the dinner was a bit 'grand'er than the previous dinners we had. it was:

ayam masak padprik from thai, sambal belacan with kobis rebus,
telur dadar, mango, tembikai & ice lemon tea. nyam3 =)

after dinner, we played donkey with a partner.that made 4 groups.
liyana (me) & nik
afiqah & husen
izzati & syah
izy & lutfie

the partners that lost will have to choose either a dare or true & the winning couple will tell them what to do.

the first round, izy & lutfie were the 1st couples to loose.they chose dare & maybe some of u know what their dare was. sending each other's YM buddy list:

" *name* cun/hensem gile!! aku suke gile kat dia, serius! korang jgn jeles & kaco daun lak ye!! "
ha ha ha. they received a lot of responses by only that msg. XP

the second & third round, afiqah & husen lost. they also chose dare. their dare was so coool! each one of them had to finish a half mug of serbuk teh+milo+gula+bbq sos+grapes. ha ha ha. only God knows how it tastes like~!

& finally, nik & I also lost & we chose true. guess what we had to do; $&@(#(!&!#. well, i'm not going to write it here. too classified. XP & the scene was recorded. OMG! i hope they won't put it on you tube. ha ha ha.

it was really fun & enjoying playing that game even though everyone was phsycoed [?] bcoz no one wants to loose.
that night, we actually prepared a treat for those guys. we bought each one of them t-shirts and hid them in our house & gave them clues to find it. everyone had different clues that'll lead to the hidden was some kind of a treasure was soooo fun watching them trying to figure out the clue and find the treasure. ha ha ha. the 1st one to find the shirt was lutfie while the last person was syah.


searching more...

searching more & more...

at last, the guys and their shirts

yeah... that night was a really loooooong night...
end & out


UseN said...

well, thought that the dare me n afiq had was soo NOT COOL...bluewkk!!

and the recording when i lost was sooooooo COOL..haha =P

nway..apsal x mention psl "blushing" n "buffing"?hehehe

haaa,mlm ni launch blog rumah kan?kan?x sabar2 nih!heh

k then..over n out~

Luffy the Great said... comes my role

the meal was 'spicily' awesome.
the people were maniacs.
the guest was isolated@isolating herself.
the other guests were extremely excited of intriguing euphoria.
the mixed coffee+bbq sauce was fucking wicked and a complete nausea.
the 'casino' was sick of psychotic challenges and damned hipocrisy
the tees were sweet gifts
in conclusion,the night was deliberately hectic..

p/s:i got to watch a long-time winner toppled down in the last minute desperate,malicious,revenge-sake card match.muahaha

mrjournal said...

hoho. enjoy sakan yea?

nadia said...

yana-chan! you've been tagged! thanx to me that is! haha!

Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog.

SyaHruLFitRi said...

gmbo ku yg tak dinampakkan? isk33