we're on air!

One sunny day, 3 girls sat under the trees at Barr Smiths Lawns (is my spelling correct?) as they did not have any class at the moment. They sat there, chilling out, tired after maybe more than 3 class they have attend that morning. Not long after that, there was this girl suddenly came approaching them coming out of nowhere. she was wearing this heaphone attached with a michrophone & also holding some sort of voice recorder.

Girl With Mic (gwm) : hello girls! hey, would u guys like to be interviewed for a radio programme sharing opinions on "dancing with the stars"?

Girl 1, 2 & 3 : urmm....??

GWM : well, actually i'm someone from the university of adelaide's radio station & i'm finding ppl who'd like to share opinions on the programme, maybe who'll win or etc. so, is it okay?

Girl 1, 2 & 3: yeah okay [ answering without knowing what she was asking because GWM speaks too fast..*sigh*]

GWM : cool! so, what do u guys think about the programme "dancing with the stars"?

Girl 1 : urm..(with a 'not knowing what ur talking about' face expression) what is actually "dancing with the stars"?

GWM : ha ha ha..OMG! that's hillarious! u actually don't know about it? don't u guys watch the tv?

Girl 2 : nope, we don't actually 'watch' tv here. ha ha ha.

GWM : ha ha ha. that is sooo funny! can you say that again & i'll record it!

Girl 1: well, ok. [GWM put the voice recorder right in front of her.] "what is actually 'dancing with the star'?"

GWM : its a reality tv programme where celebrity bla..bla..bla.. [Girl 1 is not hearing, & maybe Girl 3 also]. so, why do't u guys watch the tv? [said that & put the recorder infront of Girl 1]

Girl 1 : ............ [ stared at the recorder, speechless]

Girl 2 : well, [& the recorder moves to Girl 2] we're actually saving on electricity as we don't have much money as we've got house rentals to pay etc..

GWM : ha ha ha ha.. that's hillarious!

Girl 1, 2 & 3 : [yeah rite, hillarious...? well, we have to do that!]

GWM : well, thanks a lot guys!! this will be on air tomorrow at 3.30pm at radio adelaide 1**.**fm [ i'm not sure what was the frequency *sigh* ] c ya!

Girl 1, 2 & 3 : ha ha ha ha..[just can't belive it! we're gonna be on air? OMG! seriously?! can't wait for tomorrow then!]

time : 3.15pm
venue : room 183, adelaide tower apartments.

Girl 1 : OMG!! cepat la!! da lambat!! xnk masuk lecture hall lambat! nnti rmai org! xde tmpt ddk! uwaa..~

Girl 3 : fine2..jom2!!

time : 4.30pm
venue : Horace Lamb Lecture Hall (i
th row, jth column)

Girl 1 : arrrrrrr!!!!! [ shouting at a low frequency] OMG!!! lupe!! x dnag pun kite on air!! ala...ruginyeeee!! sedeynye!!! frustnye!!!! tidak2!!!!

Girl 3 : haaah..lupe!


hu hu hu. so pathetic!
end & out.

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Thanks for writing this.