autumn gathering

on the 15th april, i went to join the autumn gathering that is held at Aldinga (about 1 hour drive from the city). i didn't sleep the night before as i had to finish my friend's birthday video, so i slept along the journey =p. unfortunate as the guys, the girls had to catch the train and the bus to go there. pitty us~! =(

izzati & me in the train

just after we arrived at Aldinga

i arrived at aldinga about 11 am. the program started with an ice breaking session. not like the usual what's ur name, where do u live sort of thing. we played games to get to know each and everyone there. it was fun though!

in the evening, we went to the beach to enjoy the scenery of the sunset. the beach was really beautiful and clean also. =p the seniors divided us into 2 groups and we had to build our empire using sands. hihi. it was challenging but i really enjoyed it. i felt young like a child playing with sands to build sandcastles, villages, pyramids, etc. =)

heading to the beach

one pose at the beach..hihi..=p

afiqa enjoying the sunset view..fantastic!

our empire. does it look like one? =p

after heading back to our cabins, we ate dinner. we were given a tray of nasi dan lauks and we had to eat it with 4 or 5 other people. huhu. well, sharing is caring rite? =p

makan beramai2. nasi + tomyam aym. hungry faces craving for food..

that night, there was a ceramah presented by one of the postgrad students if i'm not mistaken. he talked about the history of islam & stuffs. well, i haven't absorbed that much info as i was really tired and i really need SLEEP during that time. all i could think of was the soft & cosy bed in my cabin. =p thanx nik 4 borrowing me ur sleeping bed. it was really comfortable indeed! =)

are they listening or sleeping with their eyes open?? =p

mendengar ceramah (i sat at the really back)

the next morning, i had to wake up really early as we had to perform subuh prayer berjemaah. gosh! i haven't waken up early for ages since the holidays started! neway, as i had to wait for the brekfast to be cooked, i went to play at the playground nearby.hihi. =p it was a long time since i played the buaian. hihi. =p afiq also joined too!

me enjoying the fun

all the participants. me: standing. 2nd from left.
after all the ceramah's have finished, we packed our things and head back to city. i thought we [the girls] had the chance to be sent home by car. but, hope seems to be just a dream. we were only sent by car to the bus stop. yes. the bus stop. which was bus stop 113. this was the stop paling jauh that i have reached since coming here. and the city was at stop below number 1. can u imagine how far we need to travel to reach the city??huhu. why r guys so lucky? i hate em. =( kidding lol. i love guys. okay, fine. i love people.that seems better. =p

on our way back. yes.this is stop no. 113


Luffy The Great said...

i dun care..i wanna comment..

jauh gak aldinga ek,terer la korg da penah jumpe signboard stop seratus lebeyh..

Liyana Jaafar said...

taw xpe..jauh gle!! sempat tido lg dlm bas..i mean izzati lar..~ hehe..=p

isuzu_aizu said...

err.. gambar yang last tu. korang nak g balik kampung sebulan ke ape tu. hihihi. beg tarik tuuuu =p

laki curang =) said...

alalala...sian nye korang kene naik tren..xpelah,pengalaman gak tuh..hehe

btw, x aci korg dpt ber-sunset kat beach 2!!kami guys x dpt ponn amik gamba lawa2 ms sunset..huk3

nway...aku main swing gak!tp xdelah amik gamba...=)

Amirul said...

That beach was really beautiful.Nway, the adjoining buildings in yer empire look like a pair of boobies.hehe...

Liyana Jaafar said...

to intan: hihi...beg tuh bukan sorang punye laa...brg2 dlm tuh kite punye plus afiq punye..hehe..=p

to laki curang: mase main swing tuh kebetulan bwk, ape lagi..shooting la kjap..=p

to amirul: ahak2..aku x prasan la plak..huhu..

puteri bongsu said...

beg aku pon tarik gak...
tp aku sorg...
xde nk kongsi2 sapa..
igt nk p seminggu...
2 hari mn ckop da~~~

Anonymous said...

it seems like bro zaki was giving the lecture..long time no see him