i've been tagged!

well, here goes. i've been tagged by nadia-chan months ago and only now i had the time to write about it.

let me think. 6 weirdest things about me?

1. i'm overly sensitive when i watch movies or hear songs. even though its not such a sad movie, but i can cry like a baby! fyi, i once cried when listening to the 'Meteor Garden' season 1 theme song and also when watching certain episodes of 'One Piece' anime. =p just can't help it!

2. once i'm addicted to a song, i would make it as my ringing tone, my alarm tone and all sort of tones that existed. besides, i wud play it over n over again on my laptop everyday and every nite. until now, my record for a song is 270+ plays in one week which is Say Goodbye by -erm, i forgot who sang it! =p

3. i like to buy fruits a lot! but in the end, they just end up in the bin bcoz i'm too bz to eat them. =p iyh. pembaziran!

4. when i'm bored, i'll take photos of myself. for exmaple, in d library when i'm sleepy or in class when there's no lecturer. and of course, when no one is looking! =p

5. when i study, i'll set aside a blank A4 size paper just for me to conteng-conteng. otherwise, i'll end up sketching flowers and creating different types of fonts on my book. dunno why, but my hands just can't sit quietly!

6. although i'm addicted to tv series like one tree hill, grey's anatomy, etc, but i never watched them until their last episodes. one tv series that i only managed to finish until now is prison break 1 and 2. but it took me more than 3 months to finish them all. hi hi. =p


iklizz said...

1.i thought all girls are sensitive and cry a lot.. no meh?
6. so in conclusion, meh le rakan2 sekalian kite tonton kdrama n jdrama, x dragging cam english tv series... x de season2, just one season n thats it..waah berceloteh pulak aku di sini.. maaf ya?

nadia al-akmal said...

akhirnya! anda menjawab juga soklan-soklan best tu. XP