we are the champions!

especially dedicated to afiq and izy:

today (8th june 2007), i had my last chemistry lab class for this semester. and as usual, i did the experiment with Hasbi as my partner. well, most of the times we were the ones who'd finish last compared to afiq & izy.

okay2. not most of the times. EVERY time! urgh!

but today, the routine had finally changed! for my 1st time ( yeah, and also the last for this sem tho) we finished before them! what a victory. ha ha. even though, Hasbi made a slight mistake at first, but we managed to catch up again. a big clap to us! =p not only we finished first, but Ilse (our instructor) siap puji2 lagi~! :D

"Well done you two! your chromatograph is really good and significant. great job guys!"

bukan senang nak dapat Ilse puji tu. i never had Ilse puji my job before. =p ha ha.

neways, it felt really good to finish the experiment smoothly without no hassle at all. plus this was the last exp for sem 1. what a happy ending! =p

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

countdown to exam: 11 days to go.
status: quarterly prepared.

can't wait for exams to be over!


iklizz said...

pergh, br abis eh...
mesti strict giler ahdingdong lab demonstractor kalian...


dangerousminds said...

liyana.. hui..best nye dah abis exam.. lala~ bleh relax.. dgr lagu.. TIDO.. indahnye dunia.. (dgn nada perli yg tidak keterlaluan) XD

izy said...

haha! ey lyana! first time kne puji n siap awal pun nak bangga eyh? aku yang evry week ade lab siap FIRST n slalu kne puji maintain cool je.. :p hehe..

anyways, i dun think any one of us will update d blog for the time being.. at least no till d exams are over.. sorry for d inconvenience.. =)