one month 7 days to go...

"You are a great buyer. Thank you for making
my first selling item so great. A+++"

heee~ that was my 1st feedback from my 1st business deal on ebay. =) that feedback is really encouraging me to do more and more and more ebay-ing stuffs. adeii. dah la yesterday, i mistakenly bought something b4 realising that the price was in great britain pounds! and not in australian dollars! adeii. abis bankrupt! lucky me i won the bid for that item for only 0.1 pence [oops typo error! it's actually 0.1 pound]. haha. it was the postage that was expensive. *sigh*

neways, just finished doing some past year papers on Materials I. sooooo tired! not because of answering, but reading the answer scheme! gle horror punye handwriting! sapela yg tulis this thing..? urgh..tension2!
take a look and u will see..

imagine i've to read 5 to 6 pages of the scheme with this kind of handwriting. i can go crazy!haha. =p

p/s- good luck for all who're sitting for Materials I tomorrow.all d best!

pp/s- the title has nothing to do with this post. just countdown balik je! yippee! =p


MusafiR said...

teruknya tulisan

good luck, liyana!

Rarepeople said...

ngahaa~ lawo gle tulisan~ mmg mntap la org nih~ harks~ nwy, gd lx!

sm said...

org2 pandai mmg tulisan buruk2 eyh??