Song I likeyy~ :)

Check this out! i love this song soooo much! its called TATTOO by Jordin Sparks. fyi, she's the winner of the American Idol Season 6 and guess wut.. she's only 17! but sadly there's no video clip of the single. the video below is probably made by one of her fans kot. neways, enjoy! :)

Tattoo Lyrics


lukman khairi said...

yeah i knew Jordin Sparks. She got a powerful nice voice but unfortunately i guess after she lifted the American Idol 6 tittle, she seldom received deserved publicity. I like 'This Is My Now'.

Ok back to studying =_="

usen macho said...

wahhh lokmang...still lyn american idol gak ke?? layan australian idol laaa skang...haha =p

lukman khairi said...

hahaha.. australian idol pun aku layang lar. Matt Corby versus Natalie Gatchi (camne ntah eja)!!