One sunny day

today was incredibly HOT!!!

i was walking back home with my eyes shut - when there was no one around and i was sure that i wudn't bang into anything la. (forgot to bring along my shades. haih. just can't leave home without it nowadays)

dulu2, when it was winter i just wished that the weather wud be hot sooner. oh, really cant stand the chilly air but now, i just hoped that summer would end a.s.a.p! neva mind. i'm not goin' to be here anyway during the 3 months of summer. yuhuuu~ missin' malaysia sooo much! less than a month to go! :)

well, yeah i know. i've a month to go. other ppl just have another week left. *jeles*. padan muka tho! sape suruh beli tiket lambat daa..

n tomorrow, i've one more paper to kill and that is Engineering, Planning & Design. after that wud be Heat Transfer, the least favourite subject which will be on friday. [lambat gle okay!] n by that, officially marks the end of my freshman yr!

neways, about 2 days b4 kot, kecoh pasal BERSIH punye perhimpunan. i watched the video reporting about the incident n it was sooo dahsyat la. ppl fighting n roaring pe sume. haih. ape nk jadi la.

that's why i dislike politics.


aZwaN mUsLiM said...


ohoho, gutlak for ur next paper..
*still jeles ur paper abeh awal, hehe..
owh, skrg kat sana summer ka?
kira cam kt malaysia gak la kn?
tp just kt sni summer all da time...
tingin nk rasa winter lak
btw, about that BERSIH thing, ada gak dgr2 kt sni
n tau gak, ada je a few of my frens telibat sama
sama gak la, tp u just dislike politics ; i really hate it...
sebabkn politik la, kwn rapat jd lawan, trus bermusuhan smpi bebila..

just hoping dat i'll never get involve in politics matter la, hehe

p/s:a month lg eh? hehe, saba2..

iklizz said...

me myself also hates politics..but now that i think of it, if i keep saying i hate it, im just a NATO then, No Action Talk Only. At least I should know whats going on. seriusly, i don know whos right, but i just keep my source of news open, not only from malaysia mainstream media but also from other alternatives. pastu wat aa judgement.
anyway whats worse than not knowing? it is ignoring when u already know it..and i shudnt be that i, Islam is a lifestyle, and politic comes in package with it mind u.. =P

eh serius plak nada bunyi komen aku ni, hehehe peace out!

p/s:gudlak 2 paper lagi...aku mati kutu!!!!

nadia al-akmal said...

saya pun benci politics!

btw yana-chan, good luck and all the best!

kat deadhole canberra ni pun panas gak... adeyh...

dr. syarifah said...

mausia selalu nk ape yang dieorang tak der ;)