the 100th post! =)

salam n hello.

yeah, as the title says, this IS the 100th post of my blog. haha. it took me sooo long to write all the posts for this bloggie; since 1st yr up until now. since the 1st day of this blog's existence, i've thought of retiring and just close it for soo many times already but i guess i dont have the real urge to do it yet. haha. =p

well anyway, it feels like its been years since i last wrote anything here. a few weeks ago, i just went thru my 2 weeks of study leave and 2 weeks of final exams. and now its sem break, and i'm just tooooo lazy to actually sign in to this blog. urm, to be honest, i actually have no idea of what to write. aihh, n now,it must be the extreme boredom that might have actually gave me some kind of force to write here today.

rather than just laze around at home, i seriously want to go out!! but to borrow Johnny's car again; segan laa. he's been too kind and i just dunno how to repay him back. oh did i mention that the weather outside is quite bad too? yeah, it rained cats and dogs for the whole day yesterday. *sigh*
and to go for holiday to other states; i need lotsa money and anyway, there's the H1N1 flu. so to be safe, i think i'l just stay in adelaide then. =( but the thing is, there arent many ppl left here. most of them are in Sydney where the NCG (where all malaysians from all around oz gather n participate in games n compete between states) is taking place now. oh and tonite, there's the charity gig where Flop Poppy is going to perform liveeee! aihh...i think i'l just sit at home tonite and watch Flop Poppy on youtube je la. haha. =p

kayh then, the best (really?) thing for me to do now is to go to the kitchen and get sumthin to eat n then continue watching Cinta Gila. oh, i love the theme song for that drama! Juliana Banos - Cinta Gila. the tune is catchy n reallyy cool! heee. =) even tho sumtimes d drama gets a bit boring at certain parts, but Malik sgt ensemm. haha. =p


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