Julie wins MasterChef Oz!

So at last, it was Julie who won the 1st place for the 1st ever MasterChef Australia competition. frankly speaking, i thought Poh would have been the champ, but seeing that Julie went on leading since the 1st round and Poh being too overconfident by not following the guidelines given in the 3rd round have proven that Julie was just the right person to be the winner. but still, i was kinda surprised that Poh didnt get high points in the 3rd round since she received thumbs up comments from the judges. but anyway, it was a tough fight between those 2 and i think Julie seemed to perform better in the 1st two rounds. and yeah, the invention test really showed Julie's ability in being creative. so i guess she deserves to win. owh and hearing her winning speech and watching the scene where her husband and sons came in to hug her after they've announced the results made me and my housemates broke down into tears. (and Gary too! :P) haha. we were all pretty touched that moment actually and not because we were being ridiculously emotional okayyy! LOL :P

and now, after watching those 2 finalists making the chocolate thingy that i cant quite recall what its name was, i really am drooling for some riccchhh moistttt chocolatee mud cakeee!!! waaaaa...i seriously want to eat something thats very very very rich in chocolateee that'll melt instantly when u put it into your mouth. imagining the sensation u'll get is seriously making me wanna jump out of bed rite now and go bake something in the kitchen! :P aissshh! okie2. enuf of talkin bout food la. its starting to make me hungry! plus, the incredibly delicious mouth watering smell of izzati's nasi lemak which she is eating besides me now is making me even hungrier!! *zati, nak sikit! :P*

p/s- i tried attaching pix of both the finalists but there's this html code error which keeps on popping out and i dunno whyy! aih, geram gile! :(

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afiq said...

nc lemak yg sedap tu aq yang masak