Towards the end of winter break :)

Last nite, i tell u, was a total blast! it was the 1st time Malaysia ever beated the Australians in hockey since 1994 and i was there to witness that precious goal scored by Muhammad Amin Rahim. :D :D even tho, the M'sian team lost to the Kookaburras (Aust Team) in the 1st match, with the score of 1-8, but they managed to improved and performed extremely well during the 2nd match. they played really well, and i'd say it was worth the time, money n shouts of cheers n claps until our hands were sore to see them live in action! wee~ a big round of applause to those guys! am really proud to be Malaysian! haha. :P

more news on the game can be read here and here. :)

the game.

Msian students who came down to support our national team! :D

pix session wif the players after the game

the nite that Malaysia made history :P

few of the msian national hockey players. :D

while a few days back, me n my ever loving housemates went for crabbing at Henly Beach and being extremely fortunate, in just 2 hours, we managed to catch 21 crabs! it was our 1st ever attempt for crabbing and it was, i must say, a very goooood one! we used salmon bones with little meat left as bait and spread belacan all over them to attract the crabs. n yeah, i reckon, it was a pretty good bait after all! :D

CRABSSSS that we caught ourselves!! *big big big grin*

ketam masak lemak cili api. nyummmyyyy!~

geez, i wanna go crabbing again!!!

geez, new sem officially starts today. good luck everyone!!

geez, i want more holidays plz?

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