nina, stay young forever will ya?

Honestly, i have never imagined that my cute lil' sister would grow up soo extremely fast! since she's 10 yrs apart from me, i've always treated her like a lil' kid that wud stay that way forever! i can still remember the times where i loved to tease her all along and made her came running towards me with her fists up high, being ready to give me a big painful punch! haha. oh and i always loved to scare her at night when only both of us are left at home, alone, where i would quickly go and turn all the lights off and run upstairs into my room and lock it before me. she would then came running after me, screaming out loud and would cry helplessly knocking my door until i opened it. haha.

well, sorry la nina, but it seemed really fun doing that back then. :P

even though i often pick on her, she's still this amzingly adorable lil' sister. at night, when she's alone or scared, she would come to my room and hug me till she falls asleep besides me. she's also the one who would give me some of her chocolates when i have eaten up all of mines. haha. and when i was feeling homesick the other day, i rang her up and she listened to me crying pathetically while saying words that calmed me down. awwww, i miss her! :'(

and now, the girl that i thought that would never grow up seemed to be a big girl now. and soon, she's gonna turn into a lady! duh~

well, this all started when she asked me to take a look at her myspace profile and glance through her pictures. at 1st, i was a lil bit reluctant coz i noe, how entertaining cud a 12 yr old girl's profile would be anyway? it'd be pretty childishly boring and full of gilttering words or floating Hello Kitten or Barbie's pictures here and there. but since she desperately wanted me to view, i finally logged in.

truth be told, i was surprised to see her photos coz i never imagined that she could pose in front of the camera without showing her cute childish face. haha. :P

the lil girl who always looked so messy like this:

nina bucuk yg comot with my mum

turned out to be someone like this:

aih.since when did she start to be a cam freak like me? haha.
well, like sister like sister.LOL.


if i hadn't known her, i would most probably think that she's some kind of a secondary school girl and matured enuf to tell the difference between right and wrong in life. [coz she doesnt!]

well i guess my intentions of buying her girlish kids toys would have to be canceled then. hoho. i really cant wait to go back home and see how she's like nowadays. seriously! hopefully she wont be as tall as i am yet! :P

oh btw, when i was browsing though her photos, i found this:

nina bucuk punye bday cake.wekkkk.>:P

geeeeeeez!!!! i want a cake like this too with my name on top!!! mane aci camni!! nak jugaaakkk!!! T______T


en_me said...

hepi besday wat nina bucuk yg comot ittewww.. ehehe, salammm

Anonymous said...

Haha my sister also behaves d same way as ur little sis, she likes putting all glittering words, n anime photos, barbies etc all over her fs profile. N reading comments she's gotten from her friends made me laughing. haha. so funny how kids communicationg to each other. Happy Birthday to her anyway.