Like attracts Like, get that?

I've been reading Quranic Law of Attraction, a book by Rusdin S. Rauf these past few days. Mom introduced me to this particular book after I showed her the 'The Secret' movie trailer. For those of you who have not heard about this movie before, it is actually a motivational movie (not action/ drama or romantic/comedy kind of stuff okay!) teaching us ways to improve ourselves to be a better person and achieve what we have always dreamt/thought of by applying the Law of Attraction in our daily life.

'We attract things that we think'

Fret not, it's not that bad apparently. I know that motivational talks can sometimes be boring and such, but the way they presented it in The Secret was quite interesting!

Since it is widely known that the Law of Attraction exists, there is a wide range of popular books to choose from to get in depth knowledge regarding this matter. That's why mom told me to read the book she told me to because it is written based on analysis from the Holy Quran itself. To be honest, my reading interest does not cover much on islamic/educational books. All that I am interested in reading include Twilight series, Sophie Kinsella's, Harry Potter etc etc.. you get it, don't you? hehe.

But alhamdulillah, I am now starting to indulge into reading the 'good' books now. God knows how much mom feels glad. But of course, I am not doing it for her la! I read because I see it interesting and besides, what's there to loose anyway?

OK well, what I have to share is, according to the Quranic Law of Attraction, there are 3 sources of energy; Prayer, Gratefulness, Patience. Always pray and ask only from Him, be grateful on what you have, and be patient in everything that you do, inshaAllah, your life will be better and you will get what you want. Well this is only ONE part (so don't judge anything based on only this!). You have to read the book yourself to get the idea of what I'm talking about here. hehe. Go grab it!