I somehow miss these badly

As goes the title, I really really really really miss Adelaide a lot!!! Uni will start next week for continuiung students but apparently not for me. I'll be here in Malaysia continuing whatever I have here. Well it's not that I'm not happy to be home, but it's just that those days were a part of the best days I ever had in my entire life. Thank god for the thousandssss of pictures of the 4 years I spent over there, Adelaide will remain close to my heart alwaysss. Gosh, I miss my girls. Now we're all heading our separate ways. May we all be blessed in our future undertakings! :)

This is such an emo post!

with the INTEC people in Melbourne

Raya in Adelaide! 4 years celebration without me family.

New Zealand winter trip back in 2008 with besties!

Open house at a senior's place i think. Free food! :)Royal Adelaide Show back in 2009 with housemates. such a fun night out!