Reminiscing the two-oh-ten

I just finished cooking (kerapu 3 rasa, yummy!) and since I have nothing in particular to do - coz work (.....and studying) only starts next week - I decided to browse through some of last year's photos. Gosh, I sooooo miss 2010!

But as they say, we have to look to the future, and only take a glimpse of the past. Well OK then, here's a glimpse of what happened July onwards of 2010.

This was taken during the winter break when Afiq's mum (red scarf) came around to visit. We were on a hill at its lookout point. Windy Point, as far as I remember.

Malaysia Carnival at Victoria Square. Food stalls were open to introduce the locals to Malaysian delicacies. A show gallery was set up and performances were given by the Malaysian students to even promote our country. Such a fun event!

And yes, Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Even though we celebrated it far from home, it was still very exciting and enjoyable! :)

My final year research project presentation day! Gosh, only God knew how nervous I was on this day. yeps, that at the back there, I present you my poster, ehehe, which was given the title : Prediction of Switching in Homo-peptides at Solid Surfaces. Now who can explain to me what is it all about?

Now this was the 2010 Christmas Peagant. They have this celebration every year prior to Christmas day. thousands of people will come to city as early as 6am just to sit in the front row to see the peagants.

Final years' open house - saying goodbye to everyone T_T

Cherry picking and picnic in Adelaide Hills together with the postgrad seniors and Lisa's mum and sis

Not forgetting the melbourne trip!

Hahndorf with Aaliyah cutie (landlord's daughter)

Celebrated my 23rd birthday right at 12midnight at Faiyaz's house. Moist choc cake with 23 candles on top! hehe.

And the next day, I waved goodbye to old Adelaide and departed for Malaysia. Time to go back home. Buh-byeee.. :(

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