Free SJ-M concert!! (oops I actually meant: Himpunan Satu Juta Belia, Malaysia)

Do you know what was the best thing about the National Youth Day Celebration in Putrajaya? the FREE SUPER JUNIOR CONCERT of course! My friends left home as early as 11am for Putrajaya. all because of we were afraid of not being able to 'cop tempat' where you can see the boys clear enough! hehe.

Boy was it soooo hot yesterday! I was sweating like crazyyy! thank god for the air-conditioned surau where we sat there waiting for night to come. but anyways, it was a fun day indeed! there were many booths and exhibitions for the crowd to visit. TV3 also had their booths up; Wanita Hari Ini (i think!), kids@ tv3, news etc. And guess who I saw at the news booth? hihi it was the guy who reads the news for Buletin 1.30 tengahari. I cant remember what was his name, but what I know is he seems to be much good-looking in person! a really tall guy. the one with the mata sepet2 one. wohoo. handsome boleh tahan la! :P

There were plenty more exhibits, so instead of bore you with my writing, I'll just let the pictures do the talking! :)

honestly, it was scary seeing the armies in their uniform! I don't know why, probably I felt like I was in the middle of a war or something!

okay, naik kereta kebal nak pergi serang reban ayam serama kat depan rumah pliz! lets go ecah!

they looked super coooool okay, especially the one in black! holding that gun and pointing it towards us! aiyooo..

this was the stage where they had performers playing Malaysia's traditional music/equipment; Cak Lempong 36 hours non-stop. if they succeed, they'll be listed in the Malaysia Book of Records! it was super tiring watching them play, kept repeating the music over & over again. :P

and yes, that's me, an astronaut wannabe! :)

the super tall skeleton-y ghost i suppose. am not sure why they had him in the 1st place!

the much awaited event of the day! Super Junior M live concert for Hari Belia Negara, Malaysia. I bet many wouldn't have come if they didn't bring SJM, no?

super awesome I tell you I was one of the front row viewers! hihi. so cooool! Aisyah even brought a few headbands and light sticks from home. she probably knew that I wasn't going to bring one! hehe. too besar untuk letak dalam bag la. :P

super loud crowd cheering for their first performance of the night: PERFECTION
super awesome track and dancing!

Serena C hosted the event last night. 6 lucky people had the chance to be on stage and hugged by the boys! it kinda reminds me of 'Never Say Never' film by Justin Bieber. haha. doesn't he too invite girls on stage and give them roses and hugs as well? lol.

all in all, SJM daebak!!