Kedai Makan Arabs

They have been quite popular these days you know, those Nasi Arab shops. In Bangi itself, there's more than 3 Nasi Arab shops that are up and running. I, myself is no exception from liking the foods that they offer. Those lambs, oh my, super yummmyyyy! I'll be drooling the moment I smell the aroma when I step into the restaurant.

Hummus!! (Source)

And yes, for dinner just now, my family and I went out to this one Nasi Arab shop in Bangi. I just have to order the hummus <-- my faveeee!!! But I was a bit disappointed because it was made a bit too fine. :( I would have liked it if it was a bit coarser.

Anyhow, tomorrow Mr Boss is treating the students under him lunch! yay! :) And it was decided that we'll behaving lunch also at a Nasi Arab shop, but this time in Seri Kembangan.

Wohoo I think I'll be overloaded with Arabic foods this week!

*fat mode*

*regrets eat too much*


*must go jogging tomorrow!!*