I see sleepless nights ahead

*Britney Spears (hold it against me) playing in the background*

*whoops! changed to Quietdrive (Time after time)*

i now declare that i am super duper extreme gilaaa tired! i've been in front of my little lappie here for like the past 18 hours. since morning i tell you. i woke up this morning, had shower, ate 3 pieces of karipaps, drank some suam-suam already tea and head straight upstairs back to my room.

what did i do? what else could i have been doing? of course, writing my supposedly-finished-one-week-ago paper! sighhhh. this is what you get when you postpone and main-main bila buat kerja. eye bags and mental stress!

i have been starting doing bits of write ups for the paper since 1+ month ago. or perhaps it was 2 months already? oh well, thing is, i haven't completed it yet! and to make things even 'better', my supervisor suddenly told me that he already registered me for a Publication Workshop next Wed.

"ohh..that wasn't so bad..."

until i realized that every participant has to have 1 full paper as a requirement to attend the workshop! ahhhhh... that is soooo not good news for me. right now i just have to give all out to finish the paper. peeps, wish me luck!

now, nerd mode ON!

*photo taken from www.20sb.net