The Ho Chi Minh Trip!

I was stalking some photos on facebook when suddenly I saw ME.

'Hey that's me! berghh why did this person upload a hideous photo of me?!' *marah kejap*

It was a photo when I was in Vietnam a few months back. I haven't had the time (been busy with uni and business, cewah) to blog about it yet. hehe. So overdue right?

I went in April to Ho Chi Minh City. It was actually supposed to be a learning trip for me, but I ended up shopping most of the time! hehe. They sell pretty cheap stuffs, you can't even resist! There was this market called 'Ben Thanh' Market where you can get shirts, jeans, handmade crafts and sandals etc etc at a VERY cheap price IF you know how to bargain. If not, you'll end up like me, buying a blouse that costs around RM35 which was supposed to only cost about RM10. sigh.

I warn you if you wander around the market wearing your hijab, the sellers would automatically know that you're probably a Malaysian. Because they know Malaysians always go there to shop.

Be prepared to hear dialogues like;

"Kakak...kakak...kakak cantik...mari beliiiii...kakak mari beliiii"

They kept on repeating 'kakaaakkkkkk' and then pull your hands towards them. Sometimes you just have to be strict and say NO. Otherwise you'll end up spending hundreds of dollars!

Some of the rombongan people who shopped their lives out! hehe

Besides that, I also had the chance to visit the Cu Chi Tunnel. It was the place where the war between the Vietnamese and US armies took place. It was so cool seeing how the Vietnamese prepared their hideout place. They dug a zig-zag tunnel to prevent the enemy from directly aim their guns at them. Genius thinking! Plus, the tunnel was sooooo small that I can barely fit in! I almost felt like fainting due to excessive claustrophobic feeling. S.C.A.R.Y...

Finally I see light! Thank Goodness!

Even had time to pose at the main entrance hehe

Vietnamese beef noodle soup; a must try dish at Vietnam!

After a tiring day of shopping and exploring tunnels, finally headed back to hotel and had dinner at a nearby restaurant. opsie can't remember the name of the restaurant!

All in all, it was a great experience to be there. Seeing what the people are like and how the culture is over there.

And finally, leaving for Malaysia.......

aih, semua orang punya beg beranak!

p/s of course I wouldn't put that hideous photo here! haha