I somehow miss these badly

As goes the title, I really really really really miss Adelaide a lot!!! Uni will start next week for continuiung students but apparently not for me. I'll be here in Malaysia continuing whatever I have here. Well it's not that I'm not happy to be home, but it's just that those days were a part of the best days I ever had in my entire life. Thank god for the thousandssss of pictures of the 4 years I spent over there, Adelaide will remain close to my heart alwaysss. Gosh, I miss my girls. Now we're all heading our separate ways. May we all be blessed in our future undertakings! :)

This is such an emo post!

with the INTEC people in Melbourne

Raya in Adelaide! 4 years celebration without me family.

New Zealand winter trip back in 2008 with besties!

Open house at a senior's place i think. Free food! :)Royal Adelaide Show back in 2009 with housemates. such a fun night out!

Like attracts Like, get that?

I've been reading Quranic Law of Attraction, a book by Rusdin S. Rauf these past few days. Mom introduced me to this particular book after I showed her the 'The Secret' movie trailer. For those of you who have not heard about this movie before, it is actually a motivational movie (not action/ drama or romantic/comedy kind of stuff okay!) teaching us ways to improve ourselves to be a better person and achieve what we have always dreamt/thought of by applying the Law of Attraction in our daily life.

'We attract things that we think'

Fret not, it's not that bad apparently. I know that motivational talks can sometimes be boring and such, but the way they presented it in The Secret was quite interesting!

Since it is widely known that the Law of Attraction exists, there is a wide range of popular books to choose from to get in depth knowledge regarding this matter. That's why mom told me to read the book she told me to because it is written based on analysis from the Holy Quran itself. To be honest, my reading interest does not cover much on islamic/educational books. All that I am interested in reading include Twilight series, Sophie Kinsella's, Harry Potter etc etc.. you get it, don't you? hehe.

But alhamdulillah, I am now starting to indulge into reading the 'good' books now. God knows how much mom feels glad. But of course, I am not doing it for her la! I read because I see it interesting and besides, what's there to loose anyway?

OK well, what I have to share is, according to the Quranic Law of Attraction, there are 3 sources of energy; Prayer, Gratefulness, Patience. Always pray and ask only from Him, be grateful on what you have, and be patient in everything that you do, inshaAllah, your life will be better and you will get what you want. Well this is only ONE part (so don't judge anything based on only this!). You have to read the book yourself to get the idea of what I'm talking about here. hehe. Go grab it!

Larian Bangi Perdana 2011

Anone out there fit and healthy enough to take on a challenge? Well for those of you wanting to test your strength and ability, or just want to have some fun in a healthy way, grab this opportunity. PKNS and MPKJ (plus some other sponsors too) are organising a running event; Larian Bangi Perdana 2011. Details are as the following:

Date: 27th February 2011 (Sunday)
Location: Padang Kompleks PKNS, Bdr Baru Bangi
Time: Registration at 6.30am, Start at 8.00am

Registration fee is RM10 and the first 1000 runners to sign up will receive a free t-shirt.

To download registration form, click here.

So, what are you waiting for? Get off that couch and go register! See you at the event! :)

Reminiscing the two-oh-ten

I just finished cooking (kerapu 3 rasa, yummy!) and since I have nothing in particular to do - coz work (.....and studying) only starts next week - I decided to browse through some of last year's photos. Gosh, I sooooo miss 2010!

But as they say, we have to look to the future, and only take a glimpse of the past. Well OK then, here's a glimpse of what happened July onwards of 2010.

This was taken during the winter break when Afiq's mum (red scarf) came around to visit. We were on a hill at its lookout point. Windy Point, as far as I remember.

Malaysia Carnival at Victoria Square. Food stalls were open to introduce the locals to Malaysian delicacies. A show gallery was set up and performances were given by the Malaysian students to even promote our country. Such a fun event!

And yes, Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Even though we celebrated it far from home, it was still very exciting and enjoyable! :)

My final year research project presentation day! Gosh, only God knew how nervous I was on this day. yeps, that at the back there, I present you my poster, ehehe, which was given the title : Prediction of Switching in Homo-peptides at Solid Surfaces. Now who can explain to me what is it all about?

Now this was the 2010 Christmas Peagant. They have this celebration every year prior to Christmas day. thousands of people will come to city as early as 6am just to sit in the front row to see the peagants.

Final years' open house - saying goodbye to everyone T_T

Cherry picking and picnic in Adelaide Hills together with the postgrad seniors and Lisa's mum and sis

Not forgetting the melbourne trip!

Hahndorf with Aaliyah cutie (landlord's daughter)

Celebrated my 23rd birthday right at 12midnight at Faiyaz's house. Moist choc cake with 23 candles on top! hehe.

And the next day, I waved goodbye to old Adelaide and departed for Malaysia. Time to go back home. Buh-byeee.. :(

2011 it is!

ehem ehem, HELLO!

It feels like I have stopped writing in this blog for like yearssss now.

phhuhhh phhuhh *blows dust off blog*

Anyway, reality check, I am now back in beloved Malaysia! FOR GOOD this time! how fast 4 freakin' years fly just like that. I've finished my studies back in Adelaide, and now, I am waiting for my graduation ceremony this March will be held in Singapore. yay to me! After yearsss of endless assignments, tutorials, lectures, meetings and labs, I am finally home with a degree in Chemical Engineering. woohoo! All I can say is that it is worth the pain and torture.

hehe, oh well it's not THAT bad though. 4 years of uni and living abroad gave me priceless experiences. I've made so many friends and I've learnt so many things, academically and also things that they don't teach you in uni; about life survival perhaps? Some were good and sweet and some were bad and bitter. But anyway, I will treasure all those precious moments forever and always. From all that, it has taught me to be who I am now. Alhamdulillah. :)

And as for now, I am currently working and studying (again!) at the same time. Wish me luck! Besides that, I am really loving Malaysia right now. heh. Food is awesomeeee! I think I am absolutely gaining weight now. I probably should sign up for gym. *sobs* need to be healthy and fit you know!

Btw, I have no pictures to upload at this moment coz I haven't been taking pictures for quite a while! Phone's camera is not working and heck, I am all in shirts and tracksuits these days! People might just think I'm still in secondary school when they see me. (perasan a bit!)