hello again! ;)


oh hello all! i dont know why so sudden i felt like i wanted to update my blog. it has been like 5 months ago i guess since my last post! wow. that was AGES ago! HAHA.

hey wait a minute, why did i stop anyway?

urm, well practically i was busy during second semester and thought that i should concentrate on my studies even more. oh well, i got my results already. and they were, i should say, OK la. not so bad, but not THAT good either. oh well, i'll try even harder for my final year which will be starting this march. wohoo~ (pfftt, that sentence is like soooo yesterday. sudah la yana. janji kau pergi kelas tak tinggal, siapkan all tutorials and submit semua kerja on time, dats gooooood enough!)

ok. so now, why am i writing again?

say i was kinda bored? not really actually. its just that feeling u know. when u visit other blogs and read through their interesting posts and such, u just wanted to update too. i think i'm missing writing and blabbing my interesting life (at least i think it is! haha.) here.

so, updates! updates!

well right now, i'm on my 3 months of summer holiday back in Malaysia! yeay! it feels really greatttt to be back! i miss BBBangi a lottttt! spending my time with my dearest ones is precious than anything else i could think of. :)

but its january already, leaving me to just 1 month + till i leave for adelaide again. this time, its gonna be my last time to fly back there for my undergraduate studies (i hope!) and then, i'm gonna be back for good! *butterflies in stomach. suddenly i miss ol' adelaide la. T_T) *

well anyways, dont wanna talk about going back yet. its NOW that matters more.

btw, i've started my internship already. just half past week 1. 5 + more weeks to go and i'm done! overall, internship is okayyyyy i guess. i'm doing a short attachment research at one of the local U here. really hope everything will be good and my experiments are gonna produce positive results. pretty please!

that's it for now then. the comeback of the temporarily dead blog. will update soon. (i hope!)

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