Because I was bored and had nothing better to do

I've been doing my internship for like 4 weeks now. and only today, my apparatus was ready to be used, finally! i spent the rest of last week, literally doing nothing. so this morning, i came to work, feeling extremely excited to start my 1st ever experiment that i designed, with some help from others, from scratch, until it turned out to be something pretty and gorgeous like this:

okay, not so pretty and gorgeous as compared to this though,

but whatever. as long as it works and gives me results, thats more important.

since this whole experiment is about cooling, the water being used in this experiment must measure 18 degrees celcius. little did i know that you need hours and hours and hoursssss (exaggerating) to lower the temperature of water to 18 deg.
i kept on measuring the temperature over and over again waiting for the thermometer to read 18 degreeeesssss but i guess the thermometer didnt like me today. heck, i spent the whole day waiting ok.

err okayy, that was pretty loooong for an introduction! ahaha. the main point here is, while i was waiting patiently, i browsed through some photos that have been taken since i came back to malaysia. and so i decided to choose some random ones and share it here. enjoy! :PP

december '09, went to Penang and Kedah. spent some time at the Bukit Hijau waterfall. hee. fun fun fun!

Location: on one of the roads in penang. i think that pakcik fell off his motorcycle. old guy. poor him.

25th Dec; Kak Bash's wedding day! Location: Johor Bharu

Location: Danga Bay. ehehe. a night out after Kak Bash's wedding reception

Sushi King outing! =) foods and moreee food outings to come! weee~

Good girl gone bad. eh, good girl still! :PP

Bowling scoreboard. i'm bias because i put the one that i won. well, its my blog anyway. *evil laugh*

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