turn this dream of mine to reality, will ya?

Most of my friends have now started working and have their own cars and house. Only God knows how jealous i am seeing all of them being successful people leading their own way of life.

And right now, i seriously cannot wait to finish my degree! I still have one more freakin year to go and after that, i’m done! Yuuuhoo! And looking at the current economical situation, it seems kinda tough to get a pretty good job nowadays. So, i must be prepared of what’s going to happen in the future.

And since i was a kid, i have always liked to be creative. Not that i am one though. Haha. I like to browse through interior designs magazines, update myself on current fashions and trends and drawing sketches of shirts or blouses or dresses that i imagined myself helped by those inspirations. So i have decided, once i finish my studies, i’m going to start my own business! Haha. Sounds easy ey? But i know, its harddddddd. You need lotsa money to start a business. And money doesn’t fall from the sky. Yep, too bad ey.

But the thing is, i’ve already made a plan.

What business i’m going to involve in.

Where i would open my shop or the location of my office.

Where i would get money. (and of course, not by robbing a bank okay or borrow from ALONG laa)

Who i would hire to work with me.

And etc etc etc.

I also scribbled down what i imagined my business would be like. Look further down. Hehe.

What i can say at the moment is, let’s just hope that this tiny big dream of mine will come to reality one day! Who knows right?


nadia al-akmal said...

Weyh, ak tak dapat bace ape2 kat kertas tu. Tulis beso sket.

Aaand I wish you the best of luck, babe! I hope that one day it WILL come true, insya'Allah! :)

p/s: Sile belanje bile ko dah jadi business woman yang berjaye. Haha! :P

Queeniera said...

I wish all may all your dreams come true and good luck in future.
No matter what kind of business you will run, I wish it'll work.
If you achieve your dream, feel free to tell me your business, location etc.
Hehe, so that I can come and support your business !!!!
Keep up with good work!

~!~ Queeniera ~!~

liyana jaafar said...

nadia : yeps. will belanje u la nadia when i succeed one day! pray for me! =)

Queeniera : thankssss a bunch! i'll definitely tell what business i'm running when i have one, one day! =D

dz said...

lex ler, everyone feel da same.. terase bongok bile da bsr2 still xcukup dwet msg bapak mintk masuk dwet! huh! sungguh x bes!