Jom makan dlm bahasa jepun ape eh?

I reckon it has been quite a while since my family and I went to enjoy ourselves at some fine restaurant since me and my brother aren’t usually at home. Well since everyone was back last Friday, my dad agreed to bring us out for dinner at Kampachi, a Japanese restaurant at Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya.

As for me, I have always been a fan of Japanese food, so I would obviously say that the place is superb and the food was absolutely great! Not only that, the chefs there were really good at their cooking skills. Our chef for that night really amazed us by his skills in using knives to cut eggs into slices that roared into the air and then used salt to create this THANK YOU sign after he finished cooking all the meals. Oh and dd I mention he wrote it backwards? (for the sake of making us guessing what he’s trying to write!)

Chef showing off his skills *owh and that's Enoki he's cooking! drrrooolllllsssss*

yes, what else rite. Thank you!

Well, if you haven’t been to this restaurant yet, I really suggest you to have a go. The experience you get here is really worth what you pay for. Have fun! :)

spot me! ahaha. :P

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