CSS error. help!

i really want to abandon this blog. coz u know why? look above left. see the data blog.page title thingy? argh, i dont know what went wrong when i was playing with the CSS code the other day. actually, i wanted to change my template a bit here and there but suddenly it turned out to be something like that! even at the bottom of this page, there's this error code popping out!

if anyone of you knows how to fix this problem, kindly let me know. otherwise, i'll just change to another blog then. *sobs*


Anonymous said...

maybe title yg error kot.. cuba cek smula.
kene pandai main html..

selamat mencube..

senang2, cari je layout lain :p


liyana jaafar said...

owh da pernah try tapi tataw dah katne part code yg error tuh . pening aa tgk codes bnyk2 tuh. haha. xpe la. tpakse tukar layout lain nnti. aish.