stop being reckless!

Its a common thing for traffic to be really congested on weekday mornings as everybody is on their way to work. it pisses everyone (including me!) off. i know that. but all you need to do is be considerate and have a little bit of patience and you'll get through just fine.

And guess what, i was on my way to work this morning when i saw this one Kancil drove on the motorcyle lane to pass the looooong line up on the car lane. WTH?! it was on a bridge for god's sake and the lanes were pretty small!

i tried to catch a glimpse of the driver, and it was a lady. with a little kid inside that i guess might be her daughter.

'wow. that was brutal', i told myself.


nadia al-akmal said...

Yana, ngko keje ke kat sane? Cikgu lagi kah? :P

Bese ar orang mesia. Sumer brutal2. Ak pun cuak bawak keta kat sane.

Btw, dah ampir 2 taun kite tak jumpe... Saya rindu kamu walaupon kamu tak rindu saya. Haha. :P

liyana jaafar said...

eh no la. aku nga internship kat bangi je. hee. ko x blk eyy? camne nak jumpe camniiiii. alamatnye kene tunggu aku blk oz la camtuu.
eytt! aku pun rindu same kamuuuu taww! xley nk imagine ko da camne skang ni. makin cun kah? ehehe. =p

nadia al-akmal said...

Ak tak balik le sayang... Buat summer research. Ak tggu ko balik n tggu tiket murah gi Adelaide jugak. Haha! Ak lagi tak leh imagine ko camne. Tapi one thing for sure, ko musti lg comel. Hee.. :D